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Hello, my name is Chandradyani

I love to blog and it has started since 2009. My first blog is a a place where I can post my little notes about programming and economic. The former blog was written in Indonesian. As time goes by, I need a space to share my thoughts in English, the things I love, and what inspires me to live it colorfully. That's why I started this blog.I am a total newbie in this blog, just getting started, so much to learn, but I have a passion for what I am doing with my blog....baby steps. The items in this post were unexpected things that I learned along my path. I keep this blog to remember and celebrate the little things...to keep proper perspective. it's a place to tuck away the treasures from our everyday.

Here you’ll find stories, photographs, recommendation book and music from my day-to-day life. I'm currently enjoying, lists of the things making me happiest each week, and collections of recent creative inspiration. I really, really hope you like it here :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Psst..I choose the name of my blog is 'Live it colorfully' cause I was inspired by Kate Spade perfume 'Live Colorfully '. I love the scent and also the meaning of the product. Life is too short to live in monochrome.

Contents in this blog is:
    1. My thought and inspiration. you may find the post are related to this topic with tags : thought, inspiration
    2. My favorite books. I love book! I love to read and share my favorite book. From this post you may find another review about my favorite book in next time. I will put the tag 'Books' and genre of the book so you'll find it easily.
    3. My favorite songs. Here is my review about music: mostly love song or album that you must put in your play list. I promises to give you my best that I can! See post with tags 'Music'
    4. My Online Book Shop. I enjoy reading so much so I want to help others book lovers to find their favorite books. My catalog is on my instagram. You can contact my LINE anytime if you want to ask about the book that you looking for.