Life As Personal Book Shopper

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Imagine a life where you spend all of your time doing the things you love to do, a life with no stress which provides you with the freedom you desire. You’re running a successful micro business, spending your time meeting and talking to people you find the most interesting, people who share your passion or the ones who are facing the same challenges you once have.

I do imagine that and that is why I'm trying to create my own freedom through a micro business that allows me to work on what I enjoy most.  I am  simply  want to escape for moment from  the conventional work for example staying at a paycheck-to-paycheck boring job. I believe it will teach me the necessary skills to succeed and turn words like “business” and “entrepreneur” into something fun and very approachable.

I decided to open an on line mini book shop  or personal book shopper as my part time job.  It had been three month since I started . I really enjoy assist the book lovers to find their book.

Here is some of  my testimonial  as too many to be uploaded :